Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Check this out! If you drive to work your car will get towed

Bike to Work WeekIt's time to bike to work again! At the Specialized Riders Club we are issuing a challenge to everyone to ride this week - Ride to Work; ride to the store; go out to dinner on your bike; go visit your friends in the evening; go to the symphony; where ever you go this week think first - could I take my bike instead of my car? Click on this link for more tips on how to ride more; more often and help cut down on carbon emissions at the same time.
May 15th - Bike to Work DayGet out of your car, saddle up and bike to work this Thursday, May 15th, for the Bay Area's official Bike to Work Day. At Specialized we will celebrate with a pancake breakfast for all employees that ride to the office, followed by our annual Share the Road Ride through downtown Morgan Hill to encourage safe riding and driving and goodwill between motorists and bicyclists. "It's a tradition at Specialized that on Bike to Work Day, there are no cars in our parking lot," says company President and Founder Mike Sinyard. "Any car that I see in the lot on Thursday morning will be towed for certain. The goal is 100% participation for the company to ride in." We're riding to work this week and want to hear from you about your rides too...

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