Monday, November 3, 2008

Campagnolo 11 speed cassette compatibility

Campagnolo 11 speed cassette compatibility

It has been realized that there are some compatibility issues with the Campagnolo 11 speed cassette and non Campagnolo / Fulcrum wheels.
The issue at hand is that on non Campagnolo / Fulcrum wheels the 11 speed cassette may ride on the hub shell or spokes preventing it's intended operation. Essentially, it rubs and will not turn.
Most wheel manufactures are aware of the compatibility issue and are developing simple solutions like the addition of very thin spacer to the cassette hub body.
Our Mavic and Zipp OE buyer has spoken to his vendors. Listed below are the solutions they have developed.Zipp - 2007 and 2008 / current wheels do require an additional .25mm spacer between the free hub body and the hub shell.
Mavic - Wheels built prior to August 2008 are not Campy 11 compatible straight out of the box. Any wheels built prior to Aug. '08 will require a new Campy 11 speed free hub body. Very soon Mavic OE wheels will be coming will .5 mm space. The Cosmic Carbone SLR may be an exception
I've also heard of compatibility issues with various other wheel sets and hub types.
The issue is with the hub not the Campagnolo 11 speed cassette.
The placement of a spacer behind the cassette from .25mm -1mm may solve the problem.
Very important!
If you should try the spacer solution please make sure the bottom gear:
is able to properly grab the splines of the cassette hub body
does not rub the frame
lock ring is able to grab enough threads to securely fasten the cassette to the hub
Customers should contact the wheel or hub mfg. for their official solution

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sergio said...

I can add a name to the list of wheel hubs that are incompatible with 11s cassettes out of the box. I have a pair of American Classic Aero 420 with the largest sprocket touching the hub. They provide a spacer that perfectly does the job. Just that for obscure reasons the assembling instructions did not say the obvious: the spacer is specifically for Campy's 11s cassettes. Instead there was some generic prose about "inserting the spacer in the unlikely case there is a problem" (no verbatim quote, but it really sounded like this).
Conclusion: whatever the make, if you have a 11s cassette, and your rear hub comes with a spacer, use the spacer. No question