Saturday, June 6, 2009

Union Cycle's Chris Childs gets on ESPN

Union Cycle's Chris Childs gets on ESPN. Chris Child works for Union Cycle in Attleboro MA. and he sponsored with DK bicycles.


Photo of the Day with Walter Pieringer
Some more eye candy of Chris Childs.
May 26, 2009, 1:14 PM
By: Cody York
Remember the Chris Childs interview from last week that had several great photos from photographer Walter Pieringer? Well, Walter sent in so many great shots of Chris, that we were unable to squeeze them all in one interview. We saved the best for last and felt that this foot jam whip deserved its own spotlight. I'll let Walter share the experience from here.
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Walter Pieringer
Chris Childs with a smooth foot jam whip at the 9th street trails in Austin, Texas.
"I first met Chris Childs at a Bone Deth contest a few years ago; he was a 15-year-old kid jumping farther than everybody else and pretty much killing it. I've run into Chris a few times since then, most recently at Whole Foods in Austin one evening. We talked about trying to shoot a photo sometime, but I was super busy the next day, and he was leaving town the day after that. I asked him how early he'd be riding, and I was shocked when he told me he'd be at the trails at 9:00 AM. Perfect! So we met up for an early morning session, and I think we shot 5 or 6 photos in an about an hour, including this sweet foot jam tailwhip nosepick. Needless to say, Chris still pretty much kills it." -Walter Pieringer

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